Moab, a 4×4 adventure, Part 2

Moab, a 4×4 adventure, Part 2

Without further ado, here is the second part covering Moab.  First, lets talk about food, Moab has the best old school hamburger stand called Milt’s Stop & Eat.  Fresh hamburger grilled right before your eyes with fresh garnishes..yum is all I can say.  If ever in town, just go….


We did some additional trails, one was Onion Creek, an 8 mile drive back into a canyon, crossing the creek several times with a separate road to Fisher Towers.  First up is the Fishers Tower offshoot.  It has a trail to climb up but we didn’t have time on this drive to try it.

Onion Creek is just a mile away and it takes you across the creek multiple times while winding in the valley and finally climbing up to a plateau…

Looking back to the start of the trail

These pictures can never show the vast landscape, the different colors and the overall splendor of this trail…just have to drive it yourself.



4 thoughts on “Moab, a 4×4 adventure, Part 2

  1. Amazing sites. When did you go back to eating meat? In my book, as well as Tom’s, there is something to be said about digesting a juicy burger, hot off a grill! Yum!

  2. G’Day Jon, Cathy and and “The Girls”,
    Fabulous photos. If you want to go to the trouble you have the makings of a GREAT travel book in these posts. Lately you are leaving out the “Girls”
    Where are they on all of these hikes?

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