Monterey Coast

Monterey Coast

We took a trip up the Monterey coast to Pebble Beach  and a little further south, what a picturesque drive, just wonderful scenery.  When you hit Pebble Beach they charge you $10 to drive through it, it is refundable if you purchase food or merchandise while in PB.  Most of the coastal scenery is as nice without needing to go through PB. We also went  to Moss Landing to one of the best seafood places we have eaten at called Phil’s Fish Market.  We also drove to Santa Cruz, walked around downtown, but it was a hot day and decided to drive a little south to the redwood forest at Nisene Marks State Park, walking through the shady forest was a great way to beat the heat.

We are now heading to my brothers place in Concord, CA and do some touring of San Francisco.


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  1. I remember some of those same views that we experienced while out there, especially the tree/s sitting high up on the rock jutting out into the water . Glad you are getting to see so much of this beautiful country. Enjoy every moment together. Love you guys.

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