We spent a week in Monterey and had a great time, with so much to see I need to break up this post into two parts.  First up is the Monterey Aquarium:

Next was a tour along the coast down to pebble beach.  Talk about drop dead type of scenery, it was breathtaking….


We also had to deal with a major plumbing issue, the fancy motorized toilet had a malfunction and the ball valve would not open which required all of my inner MacGyver and Navy skills to come up with a fix to get it back into operation while I ordered the replacement part.  The linkage broke into three pieces.  I reglued them and then added some plastic reinforcement since I knew just gluing them would not work without reinforcement.  Success while I await the new parts….


Glued and reinforced linkage

Linkage in three pieces

Now I am as tired as Layla…


4 thoughts on “Monterey

  1. I remember the time we went up to that area. We planned on tent camping, we were smart and rented on instead of buying it. One night of tent camping did it for me. We changed our plans. I remember we were in the area ofMonteray high up and the kids saw
    some penguins on the beach. When we got downto the beach the Penguins turned out to be Nuns having a picnic. Some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.
    Glad you got your plumbing problems fixed. That was Dad’s least favorite problems to take care of. L&Ps Mom

  2. The rocky surf reminds me of the Maine coast. The seals sunning themselves is delightful. And isn’t the Monterey Aquarium the sight of the movie, Finding Dora, of Finding Nemo sequel? Thanks for sharing the beauty. I’m sure the pics only grabbed a small slice of the awesomeness you experienced.

  3. When we drove through Pebble Beach a few years ago, we thought it was just beautiful too. Glad you are having such a great time . Plumbing issues are never fun. Luckily, you are handy!
    Take care. Love to the both of you. Still praying for all of the family. Sweet dreams .

  4. Loved it out there. San Diego is still my favorite. Will you be going to San Francisco and Nappa Valley? So many great places to see there too!

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