Mooch Docking with Family

Mooch Docking with Family

We headed north to New Hampshire to start a three week visit with Cathy’s family. We are staying at Cathy’s younger brother, Kevin’s place in South Berwick just across the Maine border, he has both electricity and water and a nice driveway to mooch dock at.

The only negative is the trees block out normal automatic satellite system that uses the western arc of satellites. The problem is, in the northeast, the satellites are very low in the south western sky and are easily blocked by trees.


So we have no satellite, not the end of the world but hey, if we plan to spend time with family here in the north east, what can we do to tackle this problem? Luckily, there are several RV sites that have plenty of ideas, one of the best is which I have used in the past to help define the best satellite with DVR setups that exist. They also have a lot of technical documents to help explain the ways you can use different equipment setups to get home like performance as you move around the US. Here is how the satellites are set up across the US for the DISH network.

They also had a diagram on how you could use the automatic satellite to cover the western arc, and what you need to do to get the eastern ones:

So using a portable dish with the proper equipment, I could get full coverage as my current set up is already very similar to this, I just need a portable dish…

So off to the Internet I go and for about $200 worth of parts I was able to get the components I needed. The only downside is I need to manually point the dish using a compass, and a chart to show elevation and skew. I also have some handy iPhone applications that make this quite easy in reality.

So, after a few days of waiting and some assembly required, here is the set up I have placed in the yard….

As you can see by this screen capture, this application shows you a virtual view of the sky using the camera and shows selected satellites in the sky to see if there are obstructions, check out the difference between the eastern and western set up. The western is the 119, very low in the sky, the eastern is 61.5 and high up above the tree line…

As for pointing the dish here is another tool to help get the right signal…

But how do you know you have really locked on to the satellite, well it is nice to use the set up page and having an outside TV makes this pretty easy to watch the signal meter and you make slight adjustments…

Ok so now we are back to our regular programming to watch the stuff when we are not tied up with family.

As to family, Cathy has been putting her mad organization skills to help Kevin reorganize his basement and other storage areas, I have been helping troubleshoot some pesky electrical problems at her sister Tina’s and at Kevin’s place. We had folks come see the RV and had a lasagna dinner with six folks in the RV, laughing and telling stories. Our son Jonathan has come up for a week visit with his cousins which warms our hearts to see.

I got out with Cathy’s brother Mike and went out chasing lobsters and helping him out for the day, something I have dome over the past 36 years whenever we are here during the season.

Jonathan and I went into Portsmouth and spent a little bit of time walking around and looking across the river into the Naval Shipyard where I spent some time during my Navy career and was the reason Cathy and I got introduced in the first place.

Cathy has been spending time with her sisters who all gathered at Tina’s to spend the weekend together…

So it has been a great week so far, a lot of little projects were completed and we have more folks to go see. I’ll probably do another post covering those visits.

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  1. Jon it’s so awesome to have you all here visiting and I love all your recap stories! Thank you for figuring out our electrical issue too!
    P.S. Kevin lives in North Berwick

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