Napa and Eureka

Napa and Eureka

We left Yosemite and headed to Napa for a few days of full hook ups and to get caught up with full wifi and cellular signals.  We did do a day trip to the Golden Gate Bridge on the Northern side, we drove through the lush vineyards and rolling hills to the outskirts of San Francisco. Here are some of the pictures of a wonderful day.

We then headed 200 miles North to Eureka, California for a few day stop to see the sights.  The trip through the mountains and redwood forests was a sight to see as we worked our way to the coast of California.  While in Eureka we took a few drives into the forests and to the beach.  We stayed at a very nice RV park right on the tidal marsh, called Shoreline RV Park.

There is an off road area so I could take the jeep onto the beach

Girls loving the grass at the RV park….


3 thoughts on “Napa and Eureka

  1. Spent a great weekend in Eureka while Supply Officer on the USS Tang. Learned on of the great secrets, the best liberty ports were U.S. cities that only saw Navy ships infrequently. They spoke English, the exchange rate was 1:1 and they were delighted to entertain sailors.

  2. We saw the redwoods it was great unbelievable sight as far as you look up you see trees into the clouds we loved it

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