New email subscription form

New email subscription form

Now that I am getting more experienced at Word Press and how to add in plug ins to the Web Site, I added a different plug in for the email notification, that was improved over the one I had.  The new one forces the receiver to acknowledge the sign up to try and cut down on spammers signing up and it would also allow someone to opt out.  I do not expect someone to really want to opt out of getting my updates, but just in case there is that 1 in 100 person who no longer cares about what I write, I give them a way to remove themselves without having to create a separate email rule to automatically put my stuff in the trash.  So I have copied over the folks who have signed up, which should mean you get to see a new email from me.  In addition, the plug in has better reporting tools so I can TRY and make sure you don’t get sent bad email, like that would ever happen.  Anyway, just some more computer fun I get to do at night after a long day of working/thinking/managing computer stuff at work.  Now back to thinking about more RV stuff and all the cool things I can add to it…..while we wait the 30 some days to go pick it up.

5 thoughts on “New email subscription form

  1. Jon – this is Kevin from chapter3travels. Not to make you potentially go through the process again, but Laura and I use MailPoet. Takes a bit to setup, but it is very flexible and robust for handling subscriptions.

    1. Thanks Kevin,
      I’ll check it out. So far I think this one is working so much better than the old one, but you never know, I might need to have a ready spare and I know who to call for tech support 🙂

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