Nora’s 1st Birthday & A few more upgrades

Nora’s 1st Birthday & A few more upgrades

First up was getting back to be with Nora for her first birthday.

We did get a surprise one day, since it is not quite spring…

Well due to supply issues and weather I was not able to finish up at Red Bay so I decided to make a return trip in late March. We planned to go see a friend in TN and figured we could go get some work done and stop by and see Joe on the way back.

First up was getting the coach washed and waxed, using the old fashioned methods of wax on, wax off using real wax applied and removed by hand, not the typical RV wash where they say they put the wax in the water used in the power washer to rinse the coach. If fact Rickey doesn’t use a power washer, he just uses a hose and bucket.

Next up was to replace a fogged window that had lost its seal. I went to the parts store and picked it up and let the professionals install it, but I learned how it went together while watching them so the next time I can do it myself if needed.

One of the negatives of the coach was the sleeper couch was not all that comfortable to sit on. So while in Red Bay, Cathy went to Bunk House RV to look for a used couch that someone removed from a coach to put in something different. She found a Villa couch which is the same make as we had in our Bus that was really comfortable. The only issue was the color was much lighter, so she did look at some theater seats as possible replacements to the two recliners which were not the best quality and we knew they would need replacement in a few years. They had a set in the same color as the couch so we decided to get them in addition to the couch.

It was a good choice to get both as they are of both better quality and more comfortable.

Even closed up we have room to walk between them.

We headed out to TN and got to spend the day with Joe before heading back to VA and back near Nora to get in some additional time with her. She got to try out the new furniture a few days later on a sleep over.

We did build Nora’s play-set we got her for Christmas. I also We replaced Erin’s bathroom vanity as one of the projects she had on her list.

now we still get to have fun with Nora while we are here until the middle of May when we start to head north.

So are plans are to go to Pittsburgh to see Jonathan and other Burg friends and then on to Hartford, CT to see a few navy buddies before we go to out Summer spot in North Berwick, ME. I already have a few projects lined up to keep us busy along with seeing family and playing on jet ski’s! Should be a fun time.

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  1. Love all of the pictures! Nora is certainly growing up quickly. Enjoy every moment with her that you can. Travel safely. Looking forward to seeing you in May!

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