Old Ghost town of Jerome

Old Ghost town of Jerome

Another day trip was to see Jerome, Az, a mining town that once had 15,000 residents and in the late 1950’s had dwindled down to about 100 residents who touted it as a Ghost Town and protected the historic buildings.  It now has about 500 residents, a ton of shops and restaurants, and can be quite busy during the weekends.  It still has 80 miles of closed off tunnels under it and overlooks the Verde valley below.  The ride in from Prescott Valley was via Az 89A, a winding mountain road that hosts a lot of motorcyclists riding through the nice mountain curves.  We sept a few hours walking around and as our usual habit, stopped in and got lunch at….wait for it….a mexican joint with margaritas.  We are somewhat consistent though.  It was a great lunch, as good as our lunch in Sedona, and about 1/2 the price….

Using various objects to collect coins tossed from the street into the old hotel shell

Margarita tour continues

Looking up at the town perched on the hillside.

Neat place to visit and walk through some of the shops, a lot of artists call it home, parking can be a chore, but the Jeep got me down an bumpy road in tucked into a spot nicely.  They have done a nice job preserving the past of this historic western town.

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