On the Road Again

On the Road Again

Well our stay in Jacksonville has come to a close. Cathy stopped working and we loaded up the RV and headed out. Out first stop was Atlanta, for a quick one night stay. We did get to see both Amy and her daughter Micheala, old neighbors from Virginia. We have known them for over a decade and watched the kids grow up into young adults. Michaela is an ER Nurse and Amy took a temp ER Nurse Job at the local knife and gun Hospital to hang out with Michaela for a few months. We got together for dinner and got to catch up.

After this quick stop we headed to Red Bay Alabama, the home of Tiffin Motorhomes. We had some annual maintenance, some warranty work and some upgrades. Red Bay now has a wonderful RV park Vice the normal gravel parking lots. Red Bay Acres RV Resort is a much welcome addition.

It has nice concrete sits, a lake, dog park and plenty of grass.

Day 1 was set aside to get the annual RV engine maintenance, which is changing the various filters and 22 quarts of oil. We also had the engine insulation that needed repair. I noticed it falling down on the engine add told Tiffin about it 18 months ago. Once I arrived at Belmont Diesel, Tiffin agreed to cover the work. Another reason to buy a Tiffin.

Metal covering the repaired insulation

New insulation under the closet floor

Day 2 was getting the heating system serviced my the mobile technician that comes to you. In the afternoon it was spa day, a hand wash and hand wax the old fashioned way, wax on, wax off.

Day 3 was getting new headlights installed. The original were turning yellow and the light was terrible. The replacement LED headlights and driving/fog lights throw much more light and Look great.

Everything worked out great, the local tradesmen were really good to work with and much more cost effective than getting the work done elsewhere. Red Bay is definitely where we will stop when transversing the country to get service and modifications done.

We headed out and drove to Fort Stockton,Texas which is 1/2 way to our final destination of Benson Arizona. We stayed at a local RV park for $27 vice camping in the Walmart. We are starting to just use a local RV park as parking in a noisy, sketchy Walmart has lost its appeal. More of the Walmart’s have eliminated overnight parking and it is getting harder to find nice ones to stay in. Here was our sunset in Fort Stockton.

We headed out in the early morning and the new headlights sure made me feel more comfortable and not having to wait until full sunlight before heading out.

We did stop to fill up at Love’s Truck Stop where our TSD Logistics fleet fuel card gave us 45 cents off the listed $2.75 diesel price. Paying only $2.30 for diesel was great and saving $60 when we fill up is taking the pain out for chris crossing the country this spring.

We arrived in the early afternoon and have set up at Butterfield RV park in Benson. It is only about $500 to rent a full hook up site for the month. I’ll cover our stay in another post. Take care.

3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Glad you were able to get all of that work done. Travel safely. Nice you could see Amy and Micheala. Love to the both of you.

  2. We still have yet to stop at Red Bay, but when we get some real renovation stuff done (paint repairs and flooring/carpet), I’d like to go there. It sounds like all the small businesses run by former Tiffin employees do great work for lower cost. It’s good to hear there’s a decent RV park now. The rig looks great. You know we agree about the Walmart thing. It’s just not worth the hassle these days. Safe travels westbound!

    1. The small businesses around Red Bay are great. It makes stopping by so much better. I paid 1/2 for the wash and wax and my Aqua Hot service that I paid in bigger cities. Worth the fuel to divert to Red Bay for sure.

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