One Week – Living in the RV Fulltime

One Week – Living in the RV Fulltime

Been a good week, living in the RV full time.  We have been exercising and testing all the systems in the RV, we have been doing dishes with the dishwasher, doing laundry, all the day to day tasks we will do on the road.  we have been getting the dogs used to living in the smaller space, playing chase the laser is harder and fetch with the stuffed animals is not as fun as chucking them into the kitchen from the living room in the townhouse.  But we are adjusting, I am having to get ready for work in the RV and we have got most of the stuff put away.

Work is a challenge, since I would rather be getting the RV ready to travel, but I am working on turning over my duties to my replacement and have a few trips to make to introduce him to the folks I have been working with.  Cathy in finalizing her last few design jobs and turning them over to other personnel at her work.  So work is winding down, and we are getting ready to shift into tourist mode.

Our renter’s do the final walkthrough on Friday and start moving in the following week.  One more thing checked off the to do list.  I have been working on planning, we have reservations that take us from DC, through Florida, then out to California ending in February 2017.  In the Spring of next year, we plan to travel up the coast of California, into Oregon, Washington and into Canada, and in late summer turn it around and head south, working our way back into Southern California and ending up in early October in Albuquerque for the 2017 Balloon Festival.



I’ll post more later this year on that topic and our plans.

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  1. All the information on the solar work sounds daunting to me! It sounds like a college course in electrical engineering ! Better you than me! Good luck.

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