One Year on the Road

One Year on the Road

We have officially reached one year on the Road in our RV.  It is amazing how fast it as gone.  In a year we traveled out to the west coast, spent about 1/2 the year going from Southern California up into Washington, then put the RV on the Ferry to Victoria, British Columbia.  We turned around and headed south back to Southern California.  We jumped across the US to get to the Tiffin Factory in Red Bay, Alabama to get some annual maintenance done on the RV and a few modifications done.  We continued on to Virginia to spend some time with Jonathan and Erin before heading south as the weather turned cold and ended the year of travel back in the Jacksonville area where my Brother Kevin lives.

We traveled about 12,000 miles in total and spent about $5,000 in diesel fuel, using about 1,700 gallons.  Not an exact number, to be honest, don’t really care about the fine details, but as long as we stick to our budget, it is what it is.  We use diesel fuel to heat the motorhome, to heat water and run the generator, so not all the fuel usage is used to get from point A to B.

The motorhome has held up quite well, a few minor issue, one significant was the shock failure but we were able to get service and parts overnighted from Tiffin so it was just a few days delay and bump in the road.  I do want to figure out why all issues seem to crop up on a Friday afternoon and we have to wait until Monday to get work going to repair it.  I guess Murphy’s Law applies.

We have had some one time costs that worked against our Budget, like getting new tires for the Jeep, getting replacement bikes for ones stolen, and some Vet bills for the Girls, but overall, I think we have done pretty well overall and next year should be more realistic to better understand what the costs will be day to day.

So I put together s collection of some of the pictures to celebrate the time we were able to spend with Family and Friends along the way….

I know I may have missed a few people since we may have not gotten a photo to ensure we captured all those great time with Family and Friends.  I hope tp ensure we do more in the next year to get those folks into pictures to celebrate with us.

Today is a move day, we head to Jacksonville Naval Air Station to the RV park on the Navy Base for the next few weeks before we start heading west…Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “One Year on the Road

  1. Great photos that capture you banner year on the road!! I look forward to seeing all the places and events you’ll see this coming year! Safe travels xo

  2. Following both of you and your “Girls” has been a wonderful way to see the country without having to do all the miles. Keep up the good work so that the stay at homes can enjoy with you.
    Dick Kilday

  3. Happy first year anniversary! I feel like I’ve been looking over your shoulder getting a taste of the RVing lifestyle. Glad you were able to come East for a little bit and connect with family! And I am especially glad to have had some sister time with Cathy!

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