Ouch, the bright lights….

Ouch, the bright lights….

So, with all the added equipment in the bedroom electronics, we have created a problem that I needed to address.  I added some power strips, the Hopper and Joey, a HDMI switch and what did that all add up to?  Well, heat is a good guess and yep I am sure that is part, but the real bothersome thing is all the devices have some bright LED indicators and with the front of the cabinet having louvres, it added some bright lights at eye level when sleeping…..

Picture of bedroom electronics cabinet right below the TV


At night, here is what I see from the bed:


You can see the louvers and how the light can shine through it.


So I got some filter foam from Amazon and used it, worked ok but not quite enough.

IMG_6825 IMG_6828

Then I used some LED brightness reducing sticker’s from Amazon:

100% Dimming and 50-80% Dimming


And the end result is much better:


No more blinding lights coming from the electronics cabinet.  Quick 5 minute job.


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