Our first real RV park…

Our first real RV park…

So after a few hours at the Tiffin Service Center getting the Cruise Control working, we hit the road to just outside of Knoxville, TN and stopped at Anchor Down RV resort that is right on a lake.  It was a six hour drive and about 300 miles from Red Bay.  Lot of firsts on this leg, first time pulling the Jeep, getting lunch on the highway while underway, kind of like eating on watch, we never did that in the Navy, so I did feel guilty, but a quick sandwich worked out great.  We set up camp, Cathy ran out to get some dinner from a local Italian place while I got things set up.  Quite a successful day.

File_003 File_008

File_000 File_001
File_004 File_005 File_007 File_006

Not a bad start.  Still working out kinks and moving stuff around.  But the motorhome drove like a dream.  Tomorrow we plan to leave in the morning and refuel for the first time and head to Charlottsville VA for our next overnight stay, two full days in fact.  Stay tuned.




3 thoughts on “Our first real RV park…

  1. Hey!

    How was the campground? I was looking at a different one in Knoxville for our trip back, but if you guys liked this one, maybe we’ll just shamelessly steal your idea. 🙂

    The rig looks beautiful…and do my eyes deceive me? You have blue lights under it??? Sweet! It’s like a rolling party!

    Love it. Glad things are going smoothly.


    1. Great campground, easy to get to and nice WIDE sites, I wish we could have stayed longer! Plan to go back some time just to enjoy the area. Stay there, you will no regret it.

      Rig drove great, have about 1000 miles under my belt, but do recommend at most 250 miles a day, it is tiring due to the size and newness. Take it easy,


  2. Would you recommend the RV park? We were gonna stay at a different park near Knoxville, but if this one was particularly great, we could be persuaded to switch sites.

    The rig looks fantastic. Love the blue lights underneath!

    Glad things are going smoothly for you guys.

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