Our Start to 2018 in Red Bay

Our Start to 2018 in Red Bay

Our start to 2018 included a trip to the home of Tiffin Motor Homes, in Red Bay, Alabama.  We needed to get some body work done on the front end of the RV due to a little mishap.  There are several local businesses run by former employee’s of Tiffin to do work outside of the very busy service center.  I chose McKinney Motor Home Repair (256-356-8634) which is right behind the main manufacturing plant.  It is run by Daniel McKinney and includes a talented group of folks including his son Huston.  I really enjoyed working with them, I got great work done at a realistic price, not like the prices you get in the Washington DC area thankfully.


Plugging the front hole in the generator cover
Fiberglass repair

Billy working on the bodywork

Daniel applying the color coat
All finished, ready for reassembly

All I can say is they did a great job and if I ever need some paint or bodywork they will be the first place I go to.  We then jumped into the RV and headed south to Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama for the weekend before we head to Texas…

co-pilots napping
Our site at Gulf State Park

Next stop, Texas….

One thought on “Our Start to 2018 in Red Bay

  1. Oh OUCH! The pictures make us shudder! So glad you found someone there in Red Bay to put it all back together. We have several folks here at Davis-Monthan that are heading to Red Bay in a few weeks; will pass on your recommendation of McKinney’s.
    Safe travels,
    Trish and Mark Bennett

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