Parking lot camping

Parking lot camping

We were able to get permission and pay ($25 per day) to bring the rig into National Harbor and park it close to the house to do some outfitting and some tours to the neighbors who wanted to see it.  Here are a few pictures of what we did….


Sunset over National Harbor, watching the baseball game with neighboor’s


Then I decided in the morning to take it to the local gas station to fill up with Diesel, wanting to see how hard it would be in a regular gas station vice truck stop:


After a successful fill up, I moved it to a parking lot down by the water:

IMG_6751 IMG_6755

Another stunning sunset:


Sunday was Dish Hopper and Joey install to work with the the new Satellite Dish:

 IMG_1495 (1) IMG_6759

Then finally back into storage for the week, plan to take out on Friday for some local camping:


Some of the things I learned: When it is 90+ degrees out, and you are dry camping without any hook ups, you will be ruining the generator quite a lot for the AC units.  So the plan should be, when full timing if the weather is getting hot, it is time to head north and/or higher into the mountains towards cooler temperatures.  I do want to consider Solar Panels in the future to keep batteries topped off without needing to run the generator for that purpose, just to keep the noise down.  The automatic generator start works well to keep the coach cool when we are away and we will be able to ensure the Dogs are not stuck in a hot motor home.

4 thoughts on “Parking lot camping

  1. I can’t lie… I’m a little jealous of your outside tv. We decided against it because we didn’t think we’d use it a lot, but it looks So cool.
    Now I want one.
    Dammit. 🙂

    1. I am sure I will find things that I would do different, I hope I got 90% right and go from there. If you build up a list and it gets too long after several years then it might be time for an upgrade…:-)

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