Plan Changes, winter in Florida

Plan Changes, winter in Florida

As anything in life, little curve balls come your way and you have to be flexible. Our original plans were to stay in Florida a month visiting my brother and then head to Houston to spend the winter. Cathy would go back to working in Houston at Closets by Design.

Well, after about three weeks, with the nice weather, Cathy asked if we could stay longer and maybe winter in Florida than in Houston which she was not a great fan of. Houston is very busy, massive amounts of traffic and costly tolls to get anywhere. Well, as anyone Rving knows, Florida is quite popular to stay in the winter so I need to jump quickly on finding us a place.

The park we are at could only extend us until the 21st of November, after that they are completely full and unless someone cancelled, it would be unlikely we cold stay where we are at.

Luckily, I found availability at a park on the north side of Jacksonville to stay until the later parts of February before we head west. So we have reservations starting later in November until February at Pecan RV Park. It has nice concrete spots and seems like it should work out, other than being a little further from my brothers house.

Ready for some cool evenings
Depending on wind direction, we are on the final approach path for JAX
Community fire pit next to pool and lake

So the plan is to stay here until the end of February. We have a few Disney trips planned with my brother as we have the annual Florida Resident pass so we can get our moneys worth.

For 2020 here is our tentative schedule:

  • March – Benson, AZ
  • Early April – Joshua Tree, CA visiting Family and home renovations
  • Late April – Apache Junction, AZ
  • End of April – Santa Fe, NM
  • May – Moab, UT at Portal RV Resort
  • June – Chama, NM; Pagosa Springs, Durango, Silverton, CO
  • Early July – Silverton, CO
  • Mid July – Travel East
  • Mid July – Indianapolis, IN
  • End of July – Canton, OH
  • Early Aug – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Early August – Albany, NY
  • Mid August – North Berwick, ME
  • Sept – North Berwick, ME
  • End of Sept – European River Cruise with Kevin & Cindy
  • October – Harrisonberg, VA with Erin & Alex
  • Early Nov – Lake Norman at Bob’s Lake House
  • Mid Nov – St. Augustine, FL
  • Dec – St. Augustine, FL

So we have reservations through July-ish and I’ll be locking it in soon for the rest of the year. Plan is to mix family and friends visits with some of our favorite Jeep spots. I think in 2021 we may head back to the northern US parts to see more site seeing in ID, MT, ND, MI before we hit family in NE and turn south as the weather cools.

We are thinking about the Jacksonville area as a winter base to take care of doctor’s appointment’s and such. The area doesn’t have nearly the traffic as the Gulf Coast has and we are enjoying our time here. But lets see how this winter goes before we make any further plans.

Cathy and I hope everyone has a great holiday season and we will thinking about you as you shovel out your driveways for family and friends in the northern latitudes….and know we are always open for visits.

6 thoughts on “Plan Changes, winter in Florida

  1. Hey Jon and Kathy,
    Looks like u guys r still on the move. Sounds great to have that freedom. How is it being near the airport runway ? Do the dogs freak out ?

    Take care

  2. Happy Holidays, you guys! My brother and his wife are full time RVers, too and I’ve told them they should follow your blog. And guess what – their fifth wheel is wintering in Benson, too! They have a van that they take a lot and right now they are in North Carolina – but they’ll be back in Benson when you are. You should hook up – I know you guys will fit like kid gloves!

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