Plans are getting made…

Plans are getting made…

OK, we have a plan for the rest of 2019 and working on our 2020 plans. As someone reminded me with any new Jeep you are required to make a religious pilgrimage to the mecca of offloading, Moab, Utah. So based on those requirements, here is what we have come up with…

So we plan to stay here in Houston until July, From now until then, the plan is for Cathy to work, I will get the new Jeep ready to tow behind the RV and finish up some of those modifications that I documented in the last post…

We will head east on the 1st of July and spend all of July in Virginia seeing both Jonathan and Erin. Jonathan finishes up his Master’s Degree in Nursing in May and plans to become a Nurse Practitioner, but is still looking to where he might want to settle down. He plans to stay in Charlottesville, VA for the summer while he figures things out. Erin is nearby in Harrisonberg, VA so we will get to spend time with them both and work on Erin’s house a little bit. Here is a picture of them from the cruise we did last September to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday.

After a visit with the youths, we will quickly head to New Hampshire so Cathy can spend some time with family. It will be the first time we will take the RV up in the Northeast so we are looking forward to it. We will eat way too much seafood, and have a lot of family laugh’s together. It should be a load of fun.

In September, we will jump down south and see my brother Kevin in north Florida and spend a few weeks again eating and laughing together. On the way to Florida we will stop in Norfolk VA for a shipmates retirement party, stop in Lake Norman to see a friend and family for a really quick visit.

After the family visits the plan is to work our way east, head to the Tiffin mecca of Red Bay Alabama, to get a little bit of maintenance work done on the RV…

With that work done, we plan to see about wintering maybe in Houston so Cathy can do a few more months working at Closets by Design to finish out the year. We might also spend it in another part of Texas or into Arizona maybe. We are going to see how the next month or two goes and decide then on our plans for the winter….

Which takes us into 2020! I figure we will plan to get on the road on the 1st of March, head to Benson Arizona and spend time in the Tucson area. We have friends who winter in Benson and know the off grid couple who I am sure could use some more help with either his garage or house project, which I enjoy doing so that’s a good plan for me. In April we will jump over to California and see Mom in Joshua Tree and spend a week or so before going back through Arizona and some of our favorite Arizona State Parks.

May 2020, we will do our MOAB pilgrimage and hope to stay the entire month putting the Jeep through its paces and visiting folks we have met in the area.

For our summer time fun, I expect us to spend time in Colorado again, we really had fun last time and need more time to drive all the 12,000 foot plus back roads.

I’ll post more once we have dates locked in my spreadsheet, but we are ready to hit the road in a few months so stay tuned. OBTW the Jeep is fantastic, tighter ride, love the one touch top and we are really liking the upgrade.

6 thoughts on “Plans are getting made…

  1. Oh the places you will go, and the places you have gone. Sounds like so much fun!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys in August.

  2. It sounds like you guys will be “sort of in the neighborhood” of a couple places we will be, but I’m not sure we’ll actually overlap. Will look forward to seeing your specific schedule. Hopefully we’ll cross paths in one of these places!

  3. We sure hope so, I know we will be in St. Augustine from 8 September through 5 Oct before we head to Red Bay.

  4. Hi Neighbors! Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you when you are in St. Augustine area – stop by the Palencia neighborhood!

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