Port Angeles and Olympic National Park

Port Angeles and Olympic National Park

Our final stop in Washington on this leg was at Elwha Dam RV park, a great wonderful, family run RV park outside of Port Angeles, WA.  We lkucked out and got to see a car show when we went into town, and then took a trip into Olympic National Park.  We also stocked up on food and fuel and headed to the Black Ball Ferry to take it over to Victoria, British Columbia.  Olympic National Park is not as developed as Yosemite, but words are hard to describe the beauty.  We took an off road gravel trail to obstruction point and went on a hike to get some out of the way  views, vice the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center which was wonderful all by itself.  I need to go back and spend more time, you have to go to different entrances to see the different sights and the fews days we had were just not enough.

Next stop, Victoria, BC!

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  1. When I did my first Clinical Pastoral Education in Tacoma, Washington I was so awed by the beauty of the area too! Seeing Mt Rainer from almost anywhere in the area and going up and seeing an alpine meadow at its base…doing a retreat at a Fort on Puget Sound…going into the rainforest near the ocean and seeing snow all in the same summer was awesome! If home wasn’t 3000 miles away I would have stayed out there. Wait till you see Victoria, BC. We took that same ferry and as we approached the City I was impressed by all the flowering hanging baskets hanging off tall poles and lining the streets. Those were the days you just needed your drivers license to go nack and forth between countries. of course it was over 35 years ago.

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