Putting stuff in storage….

Putting stuff in storage….

Well, the amount of boxes were starting to take over the office so I decided it was time to get a storage unit to start putting stuff we have to keep in it.  I have a fair amount of model train stuff and we have photo albums, some electronics, my navy stuff, kids stuff that we want to save.  I expect it will only take up a small space as we are not keeping any furniture.

ps building

All I think I need is a 5×10 foot space which will run about $100/month, I guess that is the cost of doing business, and although other folks have offered to store some stuff, I would rather not impose on them.


First run with both cars:

IMG_7032 IMG_7033

Here is what the storage unit looks like with most of the train stuff:


After both car’s were empty, we still have about 1/2 the space available….


last job for the day was putting the bike rack on the back of the Jeep:


Long day, but good progress was made, will take a smaller load to the storage unit tomorrow, but we need to think hard about what we put in the remaining space…..

3 thoughts on “Putting stuff in storage….

  1. Good job. It is hard to let some of it go, but when we did it we had a sense of freedom . The hurricane took most of what we had left. It was hard losing the photo albums but we had given most of the pictures of the grandchildren to parents so they weren’t lost..
    Have a great weekend. See you next Sat. L&Ps Mom

  2. Wow, it’s amazing how little you will have after cleaning out everything. We will have your stuff if you ever want it back.

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