Quick Stop in Page, Az

Quick Stop in Page, Az

After our wonderful visit to Bryce Canyon, we stopped by Page, Az for a few days.  Page is near Lake Powell and is near the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area which surrounds the Lake and connects to the Grand Canyon National Park.  The Lake is more like a huge reservoir along the Colorado River up into Utah.  The Lake is like 120 miles long from Page.  The only other access point by paved road is in Bullfrog/Halls Crossing which is like 75 miles up stream.  Lake Powell is famous for all the houseboats that get rented in the summer and a few scenic points.  We stayed at the Wahweap Campground which had the nicest campsites, large concrete RV pads, great service connections , and nice shade trees, all for like $43 a night.  So, as before we will need to return and spend several weeks next time, rent a boat and go explore the lake and other sights, like Rainbow Bridge National Monument which is only accessible via boat and is like 35 miles up river.

View of the Marina with all the houseboats.

Near the campground on the way to Page is the Glen Canyon Dam

Next we went to see the famous Horseshoe Bend

That is about 1000 feet down….

Beyond the river, the rock formations and desert had their own beauty to show all who cared to look past the 100’s of people looking at the river….

The short visit was all we needed to decide we needed to come back in the future and from these pictures you can see why.  Next up is Monument Valley….


3 thoughts on “Quick Stop in Page, Az

  1. Love your posts! Great pix and narratives.
    Just missed you at The Grand Canyon.
    You will love Monument Valley. The new KOA is nice, with an amazing view, should you choose to stay there. We took our Jeep into the park which we would probably not do again. The road is a disaster so whoever drives really doesn’t get a chance to take in the views (magnificent); better to take a tour, in our estimation. Be sure to visit the museum at the trading post, certainly worth the time.
    Have fun!

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