Ready for part two

Ready for part two

So after a long layover in Joshua Tree working on my Mom and Sisters house, we did a few drives in the area.  Here are some of those photo’s.  First up is Pioneer Town, an old movie set that you can walk around, has a good restaurant nearby called Pappy & Harriet’s.

My older brother David and his Wife Kathy, otherwise known at California Kathy
My Nephew Frank the retired Marine Gunny and his son John

Some off roading with my Nephew’s son John, who is 16….

Bradley, my Neice’s grandson watching John climb the hill in the Jeep

Joshua Tree National Park…

Few random pictures, Bradley is my Niece’s grandson, quite funny as I don’t have any grandkids yrt (Jonathan and Erin need to get busy,,,,) and my Sister has great grandkids already…

Older sister Jill hiding behind King Crab Leg’s…
Mom having a Margherita with us

Desert Sunset’s never get old….

It has been great seeing family and doing projects to help out, but we are itching to get back on the road and start out west coast trip.  We head down to San Diego and will slowly work our way up along the coast of California, Oregon, Washington, then ferry the RV over to Victoria, BC to see my older sister, who really is Sister Dawn Marie with the Poor Clare’s.  We will reverse course in late July, going through more of the center of Washington and a Oregon, then on the Easter side of the Sierra’s down to the high desert, Joshua Tree for September, then finish up this leg in Albuquerque NM at the Balloon Festival in early October.

I am starting to work on the travel plans for next winter, most likely is shoot over to Red Bay to finish up warranty work, annual service and jump over to Florida to see family, work our way back along the gulf coast, spend some time in a Texas and then Arizona, before starting on the spring leg in 2018 in the center of the US.  More on that later, but that is the tentative plans, now t get makeup no some reservations….

7 thoughts on “Ready for part two

  1. Great photos. I know Mom and Jill are so happy about all the things you did in and around the house. Enjoy the sun and warm weather!

  2. It hasbeen great having Jon &Cathy near, even aside from all the work Jon has done. He added a lot to the Istanbul we had. Promised when they comeback in Sept. We won’t have a list . We feel so blessed.

  3. Glad you got to spend time with your wonderful family. Pics are great. Thanks for sharing. We had a lovely dinner with Jack and Aliesha last night in San Antonio. Missed you two. Keep enjoying your trip. Love to all.

  4. I love hearing about your travels, but when will you be in NH?! I didn’t see you mention being here next summer!

  5. Our timing was perfect! So glad we got to spend time together. Look forward to seeing you and Cathy a couple months!

  6. Isn’t it crazy to already be thinking about travel planning for next winter? I have started sketching it out in my head as well. I can’t handle the idea of not having any reservations, especially in the most popular places during winter. So many people “wing it,” but that would just make me nuts. Anyway, your west coast plans sound great. That may be what we try to do in the latter part of next winter / early spring. We’ll see. Safe travels….

  7. Love reading of your adventures!
    Miss you guys! It will be weird not stopping at NAtional Harbir anymore on our trips through.

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