Rearrangement of living space…

Rearrangement of living space…

One of the options that I included in my order for the RV, I found by copying what someone else did and posted on the Tiffin RV forum on the internet.  The changes was to have two horizontal windows behind the couch to allow future rearrangement of the couch and recliner if I wanted to do that….

Here is what the original Bus 37AP couch/chair slide out window arrangement looked like, with one horizontal and one vertical window, with the chair in front of the vertical window:


We went with two identical Horizontal windows instead:


As delivered picture of our interior:


Now, the problem was the recliner was hard to use, tucked back by the fireplace…. to use it to watch TV meant dragging it out and putting it behind the driver’s seat

So here is what it looks like when we flopped the positions:

IMG_6845 IMG_6844

Now to use the chair, we just need to pull it forward and put it behind the driver’s seat.  I guess others have done this change and now if you get a 2017 Bus 37Ap, this is the arrangement which comes standard.  Much better overall.


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  1. I never really understood the chair being under the salon TV and right next to the fireplace. The chair relocation makes way more sense.

    Enjoy your site…

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