Red Bay Alabama, home of Tiffin Motorhomes

Red Bay Alabama, home of Tiffin Motorhomes

Since we got the new motorhome, I wanted to get it on a normal annual maintenance plan that matches our travel that goes by Red Bay Alabama. The cost to get work done by vendors who are experts in the product is much better here than in other places making the trip worth it. You do need to plan things out ahead as the vendors get booked up quickly, and I try to get here before the majority of snowbirds head north from the south.

First up was to get the tow system set up in the Jeep and on the new coach. I also got a electric bed lift to make it easier to use the under bed storage.

Next up was to get the annual service on the RV, the oil and filter changed in both the Diesel engine on the Rv and generator.

I also got the headlights on the RV changed to LED bulbs and got the diesel coach heating system cleaned and had annual maintenance performed. Due to a part shortage I could not get a fogged window replaced during this trip.

The weather did not cooperate in allowing me to get the RV washed and waxed, so a planned stop may happen in March was we start working our way west. Overall it was a good trip. I also finished adding an additional touch screen right by the recliners we sit in to control lighting, temperature and checking system all while relaxing in our main living area.

So now I get to head to VA to celebrate Nora’s 1st birthday. How can we not go see the wee one, she is such a cutie. We cannot wait to spoil her.

Next stop is Virginia.

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  1. Say Hello to Nora for us. Let her know we are still here, but the sun finally came out and we got our captains’ chairs back and they took part of our sofa, so there is still hope we’ll escape this week. We’ll honk the horn when we drive by….some day….. Happy Birthday, Nora!

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