Redwoods and Lumber

Redwoods and Lumber

We took a trip south to check out some of the sights.  Here is some of the pictures of our drive through the redwood forests and stopping at the museum on the local logging that was right near a huge working sawmill in Scotia, called the Humboldt Redwood Company Lumber Mill.  Some of the logs are hard to believe, cut down by hand and dragged out of the forests by steam engines and geared steam locomotives.  Some of the building were built in a greek revival style with the redwood being the columns.

The cables on this engine we the size of my arm, huge cables needed to haul the mammoth trees out of the forest. all drive by steam power

Gear driven trucks allowed engines like this to climb the steep grades in the forest
The size of pulleys needed to handle the heavy steel braided cable is amazing to see in person

We drove through the “Avenue of the Giants” which was around 32 miles of road that was parallel to 101, but would it way about the giant redwoods


The size of all these trees is hard to describe and use photo’s to try and capture them.

Dad, what are you looking at?

The hole is larger than my arms out stretched…

This tree fell down in 2016, they think it started growing around 900 AD, and grew for about 1000 years …Boston Tea Party in the third one in from the outside, the last one on the outside is 1928 for CA Park System

Overall, this was one of the best day drives we have taken, the trees were just breathtaking…





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  1. Awesome pictures of the trees. It definitely helps to have people in them to show scale. They are really hard to even comprehend. Very cool. We’re looking forward to seeing them ourselves at some point.

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