RV life with A Pandemic

RV life with A Pandemic

What a month of March, it started out just fine, we were enjoying our stay in Benson, AZ. By the middle of the month the stark reality of this Wuhan/Covid 19 virus started to hit. All of a sudden the two grocery stores, Safeway and Walmart were out of most paper products, and certain other food stuff were flying off the shelf. I mean WTF people????

Benson is a small town, it has like 4 stop lights, just a few shopping centers, with a few local restaurants. The only chain food is Subway and Wendy’s. Out near the highway you can find Denny’s, McD, and a KFC/Taco Bell. I mean it is just a small sleepy place. So why all the hoarding gets me. The main shopping and dining place is Sierra Vista and Tucson which are both about 40 minutes away.

In light of everything either closing or shifting to take out, we hunkered down in the RV. The RV park closed the office to person to person contact, any needs would be handled over the phone, the activity rooms were closed to social activities. But we are still able to get in whole body chlorine dips to ward off the virus in the pool.

We also did some repairs, one being the arm on our recliner broke and I needed to take it apart, remove the cover and fix it.

As to our plans, we have extended our stay here until 14 April. A lot of state campgrounds have been closed and some states have closed private campgrounds as well. Harder hit was tourist areas. Moab UT closed all hotels and campgrounds and told all visitors to go home. They are in a very rural location and have very limited medical services that cannot handle the potential caseload that the virus could bring. Myrtle Beach recently did the same.

We are lucky that as of the end of March the county we are in has just three cases, all in Sierra Vista from folks returning from travel. So we feel safe in the RV park. As for the park, some folks who winter over have returned home and the park is About 3/4 full.

We still plan to go to California to see Mom and Jill and rework Mom’s bathroom. After that we are scheduled to spend May in Moab but we will just have to see if they life the closures by then. With the RV we can move our house where we need to go and have met folks who have been pushed out of some areas due to RV park closures. Although our plans might need to be problem, we are not stuck in a house in a hot spot with no place to go.

We have found the McDonalds has great WiFi we can use sitting in the parking lot since they are only open for take out and drive through. That allows us to download some stuff from Netflix to supplement what we watch on the satellite.

Let’s hope with all the social distancing that by early May some areas start to open up again and we have treatment for those who have the more severe case of the virus. After all I am used to spending months under the ocean in isolation from the world, so not a problem.

UPDATE…Arizona has just put out updated guidance on the stay at home and closing unnecessary businesses, as a result the RV park has closed the pool so this is really hitting home. Time to go golfing I guess one of the permitted activities….

One thought on “RV life with A Pandemic

  1. How is swimming more problematic than golfing?? I don’t get it. People usually golf in groups, right? Weird…

    In any case, I don’t understand the paper product hoarding either. I find it amusing to think of all the people who are going to wake up one day and realize they bought 8,000 rolls of toilet paper for no reason.

    Stay well and stay out of trouble.

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