RV Local Shakedown Operations….pre deployment

RV Local Shakedown Operations….pre deployment

Plans for some local DC area trips so we can load more stuff from house and get some re organization done.  Fist up was to remove some of the pillows that made the bed nice to look at but was totally in the way when trying to sleep in the bed.  Plan is to put them in storage.  I got some storage bags with vacuum seals to compress the pillows.

bed vac bag

And here is the results for the three very large square pillows, all ready for long term storage:


I have a pile of stuff gathered in the office to take to the RV.  Good news is we can park it here overnight in the Harbor for $25 a night which we can use to get stuff put in the RV.  So the plan is to move the RV early Saturday, have maybe a showing for the neighborhood on Saturday night and take it back to storage on Sunday.

I also made some local campground reservations for a weekend in June and in July to do some local trials with the RV.  Stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “RV Local Shakedown Operations….pre deployment

  1. Hey Jon and Cathy,
    Thanks so much for the post for the Anchor Down RV park. After visiting our two sons/families (7 little grandchildren) in Round Hill, VA we made our way here. Really a nice campground albeit a tad spendy. Heading back to Red Bay for some adjustments before they go on leave in early July. Hope you all are enjoying your rig very much! Trish

    1. Thanks, we are working through a plumbing issue, no water to the washer, suspect a kink in the hoses for both hot and cold, I have a service appointment set up in case I cannot locate this weekend. Glad things are going well for you guys, keep in touch as to your travels.

  2. Sounds good. You will really have a chance to get everything organized before you hit the road. I think it was a great call with the pillows. I didn’tputany on,y bed. I know they look nice but they are a pain. L&Ps Mom

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