RV Pick up Trip…the Details

RV Pick up Trip…the Details

We have finalized our trip to Pick up the RV from Sherman RV in Sherman Mississippi on 31 May 2016.

pick up trip to get rv

  • Leave DC on Sunday the 29th of May, drive 1/2 way, stay in Knoxville, Tennessee overnight
  • Drive on Monday the 30th of May to Tupelo, Mississippi stay overnight (might drop by dealer to see RV)
  • Arrive at Sherman RV bright and early on Tuesday, 31 May for Delivery, all day with RV, stay in Rv that night
  • Finish up at Sherman RV in Morning on Wednesday 1 June, drive to Red Bay, AL to Custom RV, Inc
  • Get Braking System for Jeep, Satellite Dish and Surge Suppressor installed on Thursday, 2 June
  • Leave Friday, 3 June in morning, travel to Dandridge TN, Stay at Anchor Down RV Resort
Anchor Down RV Resort
Misty Mountain Camping Resort
  • Stay Saturday and Sunday at Misty Mountain, have Erin and Jonathan (both kids live only about 30 minutes away) come visit and see the RV.  Maybe on Sunday, take a quick trip to check out the B&B we have reserved for Erin’s wedding in September.
  • Leave on Monday, 6 June and Drive to DC and put RV in storage
  • Set aside 7 June as a contingency day if we need it

We still need to finalize getting the RV inspected, titled and registered in MD which is no small feat and settle on a storage location near the townhouse, but we have a few weeks to get those things settled.

3 thoughts on “RV Pick up Trip…the Details

  1. Hey Jon and Cathy,
    We left Camp Red Bay this morning, after washing Miss T. We are now camped at Sherman RV for the next couple of days. They are going through the new rig with a fine toothed comb for delivery Thursday.
    Of course your rig is here and it’s gorgeous! The color is SO different from what we saw in the paint shop. You are gonna LOVE it!

  2. Thanks, it is going to be hard waiting but work will keep me pretty busy. I appreciate you guys watching my build and sending me pictures. I hope you enjoy your coach, send me a few pictures of it.

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