Sedona Off roading

Sedona Off roading

We are currently staying in Prescott Valley, Arizona for a week.  I have another Navy Shipmate from my Washington DC days who used to work for me.  He now works at the VA center here in Prescott.  We are also just a hour from Sedona, one of the most beautiful spots in Az.  Another blogger I follow, Eric from RV Wanderlust is a Jeep enthusiast who runs a Jeep blog, Jeepsies, had a recent post about earning trail badges from Jeep. You use a mobile app to check into different trails and earn a badge you can put on your Jeep.  Well heck, there is one nearby in Sedona, so lets do a day trip, get some lunch and hit a trail while we are at it.

Here are some pictures of our drive into Sedona.

The drive into town is just draw dropping.  We had a nice lunch at a Southwestern restaurant that had a great patio and view:

Fire roasted corn
Steak Tacos, with pickled onions, peppers
fresh margaritas

The one thing about Sedona we have found is it is pretty pricey food and drinks, think of Washington DC prices, with all the tourests and resorts, it is what the market will pay, and I will admit, it was great food, good complex tastes.

Now we headed to Schembly Hill off road….

Start of trail where the pavement ends
Lot of rocks between the dirt that is washed away by all the use and rain….

Thanks for the lift and included skid plates, the trail was not too bad for the Jeep

One of the overlooks, looking down into Sedona
Nice Cedar tree

Was a fun trip to the top of the mountain, got to exercise the Jeep and see parts of Sedona people have to pay a tour company to take them.


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