Solar Install

Solar Install

In a previous post I discussed the design of the solar system I was going to put into the RV.  This is our Christmas present for the RV this year.The work was done by Greg who runs RV Solar Solutions.  We agreed to meet at Lazy L&L campground near Canyon Lake,  which is north of San Antonio, just in the start of Texas Hill Country.  The closest town is New Braunfels, Tx.  The campground sits right on the Guadalupe River and is a very busy place in the summer, but nice and quiet in the winter.  Greg was a pleasure to work with, we are quite alike and it was fun learning and working with him.  If you RV and want to consider solar, you need to talk with Greg.  His web site is

Here are some of the Photo’s from the install and the campground.






Solar install:






This is the brains of the system, you connect it between the solar panels and the battery


cloudy day when we finished up to test the system.
On the right side it shows we are taking battery power, inverting it, the battery is supplying power to run the RV at 12.4v and 27 Amps. The round dial on the left side shows even in the cloudy weather, the solar panels were putting out 43 Amps, supplying the 27 Amps being used and using the other 16 Amps to charge the battery.

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  1. What happens if you run into hail???? Bet this will make running the rv without a generator much quieter. Hope you had a great Christmas. Love you!

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