Some maintenance and coach upgrades

Some maintenance and coach upgrades

While working and waiting until November to finally retire and get on with the full time RV life, I needed to attend to some simple maintenance items.  First up was the generator needed its first oil change.  The Onan 10KW generator is a three cylinder diesel engine and required a oil change after the first 50 hours.  After the weekends at National Harbor I had racked up about 53 hours so I figured I might was well do this simple maintenance item.  The generator is located in the noise of the RV, literally right under the floor at the front of the Bus.


Here is the access panel to get to the oil filter and oil dipstick to check level and oil addition port.  Just needed to crawl under it, remove the drain plug, drain the oil into a bucket, swap the filter and add new diesel oil I picked up from the local auto parts store.

IMG_6875 IMG_6876

Now that that was done, Cathy and I were discussing the spot behind the couch as there is a ledge between the cushions and the wall as you can see in these photo’s


This is a view looking down behind the couch where it meets the wall, the window valance is to the left


Here is a view looking along the back of the couch


It would be a good place to set a cup if you had a cup holder, or a ledge to set something on.  I also can see the Dogs wanting to get on the back of the couch like they do at home.  They must be feeling their Scottish background and want to be up high surveying the landscape.  So I took some simple measurements and made a trip to Lowe’s to get some wood, while I still have some of the tools I needed (I think I did get rid of my chop saw too early, but made do with the table saw that I needed to rip down some of the wood.  Here is what I came up with some simple wood boxes to fill in the space by the windows:

IMG_6891 IMG_6895 IMG_6898

After a successful trial fit, will need some sanding, staining, adding a few cup holders and call it finished, but I will save that for part II.

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