Speed trip to VA via RED BAY

Speed trip to VA via RED BAY

So I had a nice visit with my Mom and Sister, we celebrated Mom’s 89th birthday with family, including our kids Jonathan and Erin along with Erin’s husband Alex, Alex and Erin also celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary so it was a great time in Joshua Tree.

Erin and Alex
Jonathan with Nana

Trained the Dogs top leave the Cat alone
Did get in a Jeep ride with Johnny

I built this cabinet to fit beneath the TV for Mom & Jill

So why I was off staying with my Family,  Cathy flew to NH to help out her sister Tina afgter surgery for a few weeks and spend time her her dad, Ed.

Then Cathy had to go with two other sisters to Myrtle Beach and spend a week using our Marriott Timeshare.

I think they were telling Tina how nice the beach was since she had to miss it due to her recovery from surgery.

On the 26th of September, me and my Nephew in law, Frank, started heading east…

We did stop on a corner in Winslow, Arizona ….

We also did a few miles on Route 66….

The Girls seemed to take to Frank quite well

In Red Bay I got the annual service taken care of, had the coach washed and waxed, we went on the factory tour, looked at the new 2018 coaches and all the changes they made from our 2016 model.  We headed to Nashville today and I dropped off Frank at the airport after first getting some great BBQ in Nashville for lunch.

My co pilots sleeping on the Job after I dropped Frank off at the Airport.

I am currently just across the VA border at a Walmart, tomorrow I will end this cross country dash at a friend’s farm south of Harrisonburg, VA.  We have a few things to do and hope to catch up with friends while doing some work at Erin’s house.



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  1. Great photos. Glad the trip back went so well….and you even let Frank drive! Enjoy the time til you return west! Love you!

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