Stuff I use and recommend

Stuff I use and recommend

Some folks have asked about stuff I have been getting for the RV that I sometimes talk about in a post such as the HDMI switch.  I actually bought one that did not work and had to buy another one to finally get one to meet my needs and actually works.  So I have added a new top menu item labeled appropriately “STUFF” where I will try to add links to stuff I have found that meets my needs.  If you know me I am all about using the right tool for the job and getting a quality item.  Too many times I took the cheap route and paid for it, usually with quite a few colorful Navy terms thrown in….Anyway, the hope is you find the information helpful and can follow the links and purchase the item at my favorite store…Amazon because anyone who knows me at all knows how much I just love getting into the car and fighting traffic to get to the store.  I think I have not been in an actual shopping mall for about 5 years or more…..

Also, I have added a AMAZON link in my front page, it links to my Amazon Associate account. What this means is I get some miniscule credit if you go shopping and  maybe buy something starting from this link.  It does not add any fee or cost you more, I just get some small credit if you shop using it, and no, if you buy something I am not paying for it either….all you’re doing is maybe allowing me to help pay for the costs to bring you this witty comments and thoughts as Cathy and I try not to kill each other while we embark on this travel across the US.

So at least try out the link, find something you were going to buy and then if you want to “trust by verify” (we use this at Naval Reactors quite allot) , write down the price then go ahead, open up Amazon via the normal route and ensure you would pay the same.  Then go back in and purchase through my link please.  All right enough self promotion, I hope you find the information useful as you figure our your journey in life….

So here is a test I ran for those of you that 1. Don’t believe me or 2. are too busy to try it out.   Let’s purchase something like the RV holding tank treatment: Using my web link to Amazon above (which imbeds my affiliate account in the query), I search for Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment, 64oz Tub:

Now if I shop from and search for it here is what it returns:

 So same price, only difference is I get credit if you shop by first going to this web page and getting to Amazon through my link…..So if you want to help me out, that would be great, I appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Stuff I use and recommend

    1. You can actually use the link to shop anywhere in Amazon, if you start from my home page the link goes wherever you shop on Amazon, it is pretty neat that they allow you to get anything, but the credit I get is small…

  1. I wish you luck with the 12-volt Milwaukee. Maybe that’s all you need for an RV, but I quickly upgraded to 18V and am eyeing the 24V.

    I like the HDMI switch. Do you plan on consolidating remotes? I use both the Logitech Harmony One remote and the Peel Remote app on my phone. I don’t know if they support this switch.

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