The color in sunlight…

The color in sunlight…

One of the things that was not coming out well is what the metallic bronze color looks like in the bright sun, I have seen it on another coach in the bright sun, but being spring in the south, most of the pictures I have been sent were during overcast and cloudy days.  So finally I got some under the bright sun and here is what she looks like:

 color2 color1

3 thoughts on “The color in sunlight…

  1. Even more beautiful than I thought. Sunshine sure makes a difference. Wishing you more sunshine than clouds on your travels. L&Ps Mom.

  2. Oh my gosh, it certainly does look much different in sunlight! They pix we took were either inside or in overcast. She is a beauty! Know you guys are getting excited!

    1. Thanks. The color is between the red in the Chrimson color and dark red from standard White Mahogany. Thanks again for the pictures. Send me a few of your coach.

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