The Eagle has landed…..

The Eagle has landed…..

So the RV shipped early from the factory and is now sitting at our dealer, Sherman RV in Sherman Mississippi, which is just an hour away from the Tiffin Motorhome’s factory in Red Bay, Alabama.  My sales person, Carol Cole, gave me a call and wanted to discuss when I could pick the Motorhome up.  Looking at my calendar and the work trips I have committed to, we came up with 31 May pick up which is a week earlier than I was originally planning and discussed getting all the banking info set up ahead of time.  So we are off to the races, to get everything lined up to make a trip to Mississippi to pick it up and then travel back to DC.  I asked Carol to send me a few pictures so here it is in final form and fit, ready for duty….





So the plan for the Trip is to drive down on Memorial Day weekend and do the RV Delivery on Tuesday, May 31st, finish up at the dealer on 1 June and head to Red Bay for “toad” and other work.  Leave Red Bay on Friday, June 3rd, and head to Danville, TN for an overnight stay at Anchor Down Resort right on a lake:  On Friday we would head to Misty Mountain RV Resort: near Charlottsville VA.  We will stay there until Monday and hopefully get to see the Kids.  Monday we will get back into DC area.  Now I need to figure out MD inspection and registration and where to store the RV…..


5 thoughts on “The Eagle has landed…..

  1. It is so beautiful. I am sure the waiting is hard but it will be worth it. Wishing you many wonderful miles as you start this new chapter in your lives. L&Ps Mom

  2. I definitely think it needs a name painted on there! All that came to mind for me was “Kling Karavan”, which is not very clever or brilliant, but I am sure someone can come up with the right moniker for it! It is beautiful! Drive Safely and enjoy every minute of it. Won’t be long til the end of May at the rate the days fly by. Love to both of you!

    1. Working on plans to get to California for our next birthday, then hope to head north, “might” get up to Victoria in late summer next year. I”ll let you know as we plan our first year of full timing…

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