The land of mickey mouse

The land of mickey mouse

I grew up in Riverside, California, about an hour east of Disneyland.  I remember going each year at nigh when different companies would rent the park out in the evenings.  My parents would cut us kids loose, we would meet up on the castle bridge to check in and then meet up at the end of the night.  This was the time of ticket books and trading several B,C tickets to get that extra E ticket.  After I going the Navy over 40 years ago, I don’t think I went back to Disneyland for over thirty plus years, so a few years ago Cathy and I did a quick trip to check it out while we were in the area and spent a day.  The park has doubled when they opened up California Adventure.  One day was not enough time, it was I think in February, it was cold and a lot of rides were shut down for maintenance and refurbishment, getting ready for the next season.

So as we moved North to Seal Beach, CA, it was only a 20-30 ride to Disneyland.  The military has a great discount ticket so we decided to let my Mom house sit the girls while we spent two day of our four day tickets doing a more thorough walkthrough of Disneyland and California Adventure.  So here are some of the pictures….


We have two days left on our tickets, which we will use when we are back in Joshua Tree in September.

After this stay, we moved up the Ventura Highway in the sunshine to Point Mugu Naval Air Station.

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  1. We always went the night before Mother’s Day . I had everyone of the Mother’s Day trinkets.
    When we met at the bridge at 10.PM we went to eat. I am so sorry that our world is so scary that kids can no longer enjoy being free in a place like Disneyland.

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