Tiffin Plant Tour

Tiffin Plant Tour

While waiting for service, I got a chance to take the Tiffin Manufacturing plant tour where the Motorhomes are produced.  Tiffin has been building RV’s since the early 1970’s, they were a building supply company and got into the RV manufacturing after some of the companies they supplied exited the business.  Here is a picture of an early model, a gas powered 1976 Allegro.


Check out the modern dash and that shag carpeting….


They have come a long way over the 40 plus years.  The factory tour is up close and personal, you actually go on the factory floor right next to the workers was seeing what is really going on.  In fact, some future owners watch the process the whole way through, being on the work floor while the unit they ordered is being manufactured.  Here is an overhead shot of the factory, the red and blue arrows show the main manufacturing line for diesel (red) and gas (blue).  TMH is the main office and the left of that is the cabinet shop where all the woodwork is done, it is almost the size of the main plant.  The W is the welding shop where the chassis has the jacks and basement compartment braces welded before it goes into the main plant.


Raw Cherry Wood for the Cabinet Shop
Cabinet Shop is very large
Lot of wood work goes into each unit
Kitchen cabinets
Completed Chassis ready to start down the assembly line
welded wall frames
Floor frame
End Caps
walls and ceiling being added
looking in from the front cap
wiring shop making harness
making the wiring harness
Final assembly line, units getting ready to go to paint shop. Only takes about 5 days for a unit to start from the chassis to be finished up to go to the paint shop
Final assembly area

Tiffin is building 12 units a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks which is about 3000 units a year.  The have two of the top five diesel RV units that are sold each year, all being run by a father and his three sons.  After the pain factor which is located across the state line in Mississippi, the units are returned for final QA and cleaning.


You can walk through these units just coming off the factory floor and being shuttled back from paint before being delivered to dealers.  Overall it was worth the time to see the units being made in the USA.  Where else can you walk right up where the work is being done and get a first hand view?  Gerate family run business who keep the lawyer’s in check.  They having nothing to hide and want owners to be part of the process along the way.  No one else in the industry does this and this is why people buy and stick with Tiffin.


2 thoughts on “Tiffin Plant Tour

  1. HEY! Why are you badmouthin lawyers????? Lawyers are LOVELY!!! Jeez. Some people….


    Anyway, interesting post. We would love to get down there at some point and do the tour. It’s incredible (and somewhat terrifying) how fast these massively complex machines are put together. It also convinces me I really don’t want to be in one if a big storm comes through. They are not nearly as strong and sturdy as they seem at first glance….

  2. Really interesting. I can’t be sure but I think ours was a 1984. They sure have changed but we were happy wit ours. It is too bad there aren’t more companies like that. L&Ps Mom

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