Tiffin Service Center

Tiffin Service Center

Once you need service or repairs, you can take the RV to a Tiffin dealer or you can make the trip to Red Bay, Alabama where Tiffin’s are manufactured.  Near the Manufacturing Facility is the Tiffin Service Center and Campground.

Here is what the service center and campground looks like.


overhead shot of the service center, the RV campground has spots for about 100 RV’s with hook ups, and the service center has around 50 service bays.
Check In Center
Laundry, Showers and Parts Store
Coaches awaiting service
Service Tag
Service Tag
Another View of Campground
Another View of Campground
Service Bays
Service Bays
Older Coach waiting on Tiffin Servoce
Older Coach waiting on Tiffin Service
Inside the Service Facility
Long Line of Service bays
Burned wires in our Dryer, our #1 issue. We got into an express bay which is m=for two workers for 3 hours, so we were in a rush to get highest priority items addressed, I even pitched in to help
In the Express Bay
Dryer work
When are we going to be done Dad?

All in all, we had to wait three days to get into the Express bay and were in for about 4 hours do to the side seal taking longer to replace.  We did get most of the big items done.  One item is not pressing and I’ll wait on it until a later visit.  We spent Thursday working on the coach.  On Friday we got our 1st year service done, changed engine oil and replaced the fuel filters and chassis inspection at Bay Diesel which is nearby.  The engine takes 7 gallons (28qt) of synthetic oil, the oil and two fuel filters were about $100, so the service is m ore than a car, at about $450, but that is good for a year.

Plan is to see about getting a bracket on the engine replaced as it has a tendency to crack, we are ok for now but I would rather get it fixed now rather than having an issue later.  We will check out tomorrow and get on the road to Vicksburg, MS in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Tiffin Service Center

  1. I am looking forward to getting on the road and enjoying some warmer weather and holiday decorations in Vicksburg, Austin and San Antonio!

  2. So glad you finally got in to get the work done. I am sure you will be glad to g t on the road.
    The hey keep telling us we have the best weather in the country but it is cold to me.only in the 60’s. L&P Mom

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