Timber Heritage Association and Coast Drive

Timber Heritage Association and Coast Drive

In looking into the history of Humboldt County and the logging industry, I came across some displays like the one in Scotia, and found the Timber Heritage Association, who have taken over the old Samoa Roundhouse and Machine shops that used to support a huge lumber mill across the bay from Eureka.  I contacted them and was offered a tour of their facilities.  What a great collection of both Steam and early diesel logging history.  Samoa was a company town and the origional cookhouse still serves family style meals like they used to do in the early 1920’s when the mill town was built.  Right by the cookhouse is the industrial site that maintained all the equipment including a wooden 6 stall roundhouse and Machine shop.

Check them out at www.timberheritage.org

On our last day we drove up North to a nearby lighthouse, Trinidad which is along some beautiful coast of California.

Now, time to head to Crescent City, our last stop in California…


2 thoughts on “Timber Heritage Association and Coast Drive

  1. Fabulous pic’s John and Cathy. Looks like the girls are having fun too. Just finishing up a O scale model of the “Caterpillar 60” so I can really use your pic, Thanks.
    Keep posting, your trip is as close as I am going to get to what you are seeing.

  2. So glad you discovered this, Jon. I am sure you enjoyed every minute of the of it.
    CA. Has some of my e most beautiful scenery in th U.S. L&Ps Mom

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