Travels of Layla and Phoebe

Travels of Layla and Phoebe

So our two West Highland Terrier’s (called “Westies”) are a integral part of our travels and I decided to include some of the photo’s showing what they have been doing on our travels.  Layla (on left, wears the lilac colored collar)  and Phoebe (on right with pink collar) in their traveling mode…..

Barking at the beach waves and chasing the sea gulls…
Sitting in the sun

When I get out of the seat they want to jump right in it and drive I guess
In their rain jackets, see how happy they are…
They love sitting on the couch pillows
Ever since they were puppies, they like sitting on the backs of couches

Visiting with a Nephew…
Poor Layla has broken a nail that had to be removed….

Phoebe on left and layla on right wondering why we left them in the Jeep

Layla with my older sister

Layla deciding she needed more sun


So as you can see they have a rough life traveling to all these strange places and get to explore all these new smells…but they do keep us in line and we love having them with us…

Next up is some family time and some changes to our plans…

3 thoughts on “Travels of Layla and Phoebe

  1. Looking forward to the posts, pics & more visits to San Antonio, Lake Canyon, Texas in general!
    Miss & love you all…
    Alesia, Jack & Zephyr

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