Vandenberg & San Luis Obispo

Vandenberg & San Luis Obispo

We spent a few days at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the Space Launch facility on the west coast.  The base was huge and sat right outside the small town of a Lompoc, CA.  We did some touring of the rocket launch facilities and bike riding around this very spread out base.  We spent a afternoon at the private beach on the base, which due to it’s secure location was very quiet.


We then moved north to San Luis Obispo, staying at a very small Army outpost.  We loved the area and nearby picturesque town, with great walking streets with neat houses.


We loved driving through the lush green hills, the weather was great, clear blue skies, cool in the evenings, not too hot during the day.  It would also be the spot to do some woodworking to make new closet doors.  Cathy did not like the mirror doors on the closet and we looked into getting them replaced with solid wood doors.  With the RV factory saying no and a local craftsmen near the factory not being much help, I fired up the Internet to find the Cherry material I would need to do it myself.  I was going to do the work at my brothers place next month, but stumbled across this local workspace called MakerSpace. I purchased a one month pass for $45, which allows me 24/7 access to the workspace which had a complete wood shop with all the tools I needed.  So between local visits and sightseeing, I was able to make the doors.


Here are the doors installed in the RV, I need to put several coats of semi-gloss on the doors to finish them up.

We did some sightseeing in Morro Bay and made a trip to one of Cathy’s favorite winery…

Dog wash at the local feed store. Need to get one of these in the barn someday….

We stumbled into this in Morro Bay, this was a deep diving rescue submarine that one of my former NR-1 crewmates went on to serve on and be the Officer In Charge.

The final night we had a nice fire, San Luis Obispo was a great area to visit and we need to some again, the town is great to walk around, good weather and food.



5 thoughts on “Vandenberg & San Luis Obispo

  1. The pictures are great. CA is such an amazing state, we have so many different landscapes .
    People who call. It a concrete jungle have no idea of what they are talking about. I am so glad you are able to take the time to enjoy it’s many different area’s. L&Ps Mom

  2. California just keeps on going and going, its really great to follow your story and love to see all the updates! I love JLohr wine, did you do a wine tasting there? Love, Tina

  3. I love that stretch of highway. Actually I love all of CA coastline! The state has so much beauty, but I can do without the taxes, and yes the hills are so lush right now thanks to all the rain this year. Glad you’re enjoying the adventures up to Bay Area. See you next week!

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