Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

As part of our stay last year we talked about going to Walt Disney World with Kevin and Cindy, it had been a few years and they have opened up Pandora in Animal Kingdom based on the movie Avatar, and re worked downtown disney into Disney Springs.  We are both longtime members of the Disney Vacation Club so getting lodging was easy, we picked Saratoga Springs Resort which is connected to Disney Springs.  I was able to get some steeply discounted tickets through the military so we planned it out about a year in advance for a 5 day, four night stay.

Needless to say, 32 miles later, an average of 8 miles of walking each day, about 16,000 steps each day we were some tired folks at the end.  But we had a blast.  We will be back in December of 2019 time frame to see the new Star Wars land of other changes they have going on.

Disney Springs

Hollywood Studio

Animal Kingdom

Napping on Roller Coaster, pretty funny reaction when exiting and people saw what we did…

Pandora…what a great job bringing it to life…



Magic Kingdom

It was wonderful to se all the Christmas decorations at the different parks, it was a great time to visit, weather in the low 70’s, not too humid and we could not have had it any better.  We remember the summer trips in July and August with the kids, it sure was nice to do a visit in December.

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