Water Problem, no longer a problem

Water Problem, no longer a problem

Quick update is the Service Facility was able to find a 180 degree twist in the hoses, somewhere under the bed.  Tiffin was great in getting me piping diagrams to send to the service facility and Tuesday I got the call the Rig was fixed, a total of 6 hours was needed to find the twist @$110/hour…Tiffin will be covering the cost so not a big deal, but next time I might just figure it out and save myself the aggravation.


I went and picked up the RV, and took it to the new storage facility on Joint Base Anacostia/Bolling, now known as JBAB since it is closer to the house and cheaper.  We had to wait for an opening and luckily while it was in service, one came open and we jumped on it.

IMG_1618 IMG_1616 IMG_1619

Next up is some weekend camping at National Harbor, and work on Initial Deployment (full timing that starts in mid November).  Still loading out the unit and working on ideas for future upgrades (solar), stay tuned….

3 thoughts on “Water Problem, no longer a problem

  1. I love hearing about all the planning you have done to prepare for the RV. Also, once you got it, all the work needed to be done to ensure it was all good to go, which you are still working on. I wonder how many people think, hey I will just go buy an RV and get on the road, without thinking of all the steps it takes to make it happen! You should write a book Jon, I bet it would sell well! I can see it now, that yellow and black book, “RV living for Dummies”!

  2. So glad that problem is solved. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Talked to Sis last night and she is doing better. Jill comes home tomorrow , I am really looking forward to that. It has been a long time. I did fine on my own nd Dawn Renee has come over most nights to check on me. L&Ps Mom

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