Water Problem…Warranty Coverage

Water Problem…Warranty Coverage

One issue that surfaced soon after we got the RV was the washer only worked once, the second time we tried it, we got a H2O error on the washer. Now with my ability to operate nuclear power plants, this seems like an easy problem to diagnose.  Tested all different combinations on washer, both hot and cold water, no luck.  So is it the washer or the supply, simple test is to remove the hoses from the back of the washer and ensure we have both hot and cold water supplied.  Well, guess what, no water at the hose end.  I open up the isolation valve on the end of the hose and no water comes out.  It does release some pressure and then just a trickle, which sure acts like a kinked hose.


Now comes the not so fun part, figuring out where the lines run, I see they go under the closet and around the head of the bed, but they are in a bundle and I have run out of time….

So we call Tiffin to see where to take it, much back and forth since several local dealers are a)busy and b)not interested in helping us out since we did not purchase it from them, they don’t care that they are authorized dealers of the brand, touch luck, call us back in a month or two….. Finally we find a somewhat local RV service shop and make an appointment.

Now they don’t work on warranty work with the manufacturer, you pay them and go chase reimbursement from the dealer on your own, not ideal, but Tiffin gave us the OK.  I drop it off as I said I would on Thursday, and expect a call sometime that day of the next telling me what they did to fix it.  Friday afternoon, no call, so I reach out…Bah Bah and they have spent just a few hours reconfirming what I already did, “hey you’re not getting any water out of the hoses”  DUH.  They had to move on to other work and might get back at it on Monday.  I complain about hey it has been there two days and that is all you did, so they say, well you can come pick it up if you don’t like it….

Now I am pissed and go into full NR mode.  I get on line the Tiffin Forum asking for any pictures of the pipe routing hopefully to help the service facility (unnamed as of now to see how things go…) do what I suggested, “hey why not trace the lines from the washer until you find the kinks”….I send the service facility several emails with pictures and suggestions, maybe they will get more on it Monday.  Here is what they got to help to THEIR JOB….

Under the bed

under bed

The electrical area in the rear closet rear power closet area

Another view of the electrical area with the washer lines..

rear power closet area side

The washer lines that would be going under the closet floor…rear power closet area over engine

I send off an email to the CEO of the company and different management levels about the sad state of affairs with a BRAND NEW, costly motor home that was not manufactured correctly, the sad state of Tiffin’s dealer network and the incompetence of a RV Service shop they told me to take it to, all while being as nice as I can given the state of affairs.  I ask for a complete piping diagram of the RV since some of the hoses are not easy to trace and I want to minimize what gets torn apart looking for the problem.  I ask ask Tiffin to reach out to the service facility to help them find the issue.  I also sent a copy of the email to my dealer asking for help with the factory as appropriate.  Now, unfortunately it was late Friday when all this got done so I expect they will see the email on Monday.  Lets all hope we get this sorted out early next week. The other option is to go reclaim the RV, pay for the non productive work, get Tiffin to pay for the work that did nothing to solve the problem and find the problem myself.

Stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “Water Problem…Warranty Coverage

  1. Sorry you are having so many problems. Causes one to wonder where pride in ones products and responsibly for workmanship have gone.Hoping things get solved soon.

  2. Unfortunately this is par for the course with a new coach. We had some significant problems with our new Fleetwood including that the entire galley was not secured to the slideout wall. It required a visit to a specialized repair center that took almost 2 weeks.

    One of the service techs at La Mesa where we bought our coach told us that they were trying to fix a wiring issue in a fairly well-known brand of travel trailer and the manufacturer didn’t even HAVE a wiring diagram. They eventually got a fax of a hand-drawn trailer showing where the wires “probably were.”

    It seems like the RV industry is where the American car industry was in the late 1970s. Or maybe even a little worse. Hope you get it fixed!

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