Wedding bells added to the mix….

Wedding bells added to the mix….

So, I have been pretty busy getting ready for our Daughter’s wedding this coming weekend, we plan to take the RV down nearby and use it during the weekend.  Going to be quite crazy with all the different family members from both side, seems in the olden days people liked to have large families so we are going to have a lot of Erin’s Aunts and Uncles coming to celebrate and a fair number of family friends (all really due to cathy…)

Here is a picture of Erin and her Husband to be Alex:


We look forward to seeing folks and adding a new member to the family…

3 thoughts on “Wedding bells added to the mix….

  1. 31 years ago today Steve and I made the same plunge into marriage that Erin and Alex will in a few days. All the family and friends around us that day have become the thread of our lives woven into a fine blanket of love. As we make our way toward you, we are growing in excitement for the time we’ll have together and for experiencing the beauty of the area they have chosen to exchange their vows. See you tomorrow!

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