week two update

week two update

so we have been on the road for almost two weeks, and we are in Ponte Vedra, Florida visiting my younger brother and taking care of some important business.  So what is so important about Florida you may ask…Taxes…or the lack of income tax to be exact.  My military retirement pay was being taxed at a 7% rate in Maryland.  By shifting my state residency to Florida, I go to zero, and gain a pay raise.  We also needed to register both the Jeep and the RV, get new license plates and new drivers licenses.  That basically took us part of two days and other than the costs involved in all of it totally about $1000, pretty simple.  $450 of that cost were one time new resident costs for both the car and RV, and the tags are good for two years, so we are now set. So here are some photo’s of the last few days in Florida…

Bridge of Lions, Saint Augustine
RV park is right on the beach
Walkway over dunes to beach, not much damage in this area from the recent hurricane
Dunes on the beach
Nice Seafood Dinner on the beach
Kevin sitting with layla
Cindy visiting in the RV
The girls making themselves right at home at Kevin and Cindy’s house
Prepping for the move off the beach
Saint Augustine
Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine
Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
Our new spot at Stagecoach RV Park

I am having a small issue with photo orientation, when I fix it to work on mobile devices is messes it up on computer, so this one is set for mobile devices since I think the majority of folks will use their phones or a tablet.  Leave me comments and I’ll see what is going on.


8 thoughts on “week two update

  1. I am looking at this on a lap top and 2 of your photos are sideways….

    How was Stagecoach? We are gonna stay in another park, but I had seen that one too. You like?

  2. I see it on the computer, and the mobile devices would be easier to turn sideways than my computer screen. Photos of beach are lovely! Stay safe.

  3. Pictures were great on my Ipad? Looks great. I really enjoyed St. Augustine. We took a tour which was great. L&Ps Mom

  4. Love seeing all the photos. So great you are enjoying your retirements. Keep the photos/news coming, and remember where we are so you can stop here. Xo

  5. All photos are good on my phone. Keep having fun , send our regards to Kevin and Cindy, and travel safely .

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