Welcome to Sunny Florida

Welcome to Sunny Florida

So after our wonderful stay at the “lake house” on Lake Norman, NC, we headed due south to Saint Augustine, Florida for a planned month long stay.

We stay at Stagecoach RV Park which is the nicest and closest park to where my younger brother Kevin and his family lives. It is very nice park with tress and level sites run by a local family. Here is some photo’s of our site:

We are close to the Beach, close to the inland waterway, local attractions and such.

Since we bought the new Jeep in Texas and we had Texas plates on it one of the first tasks was to convert it back to Florida to match out RV and permanent residency. Had to jump through a few hoops but in a few hours we had new Florida plates and we all set!

Family time with my younger brother Kevin’s family…

Plus we tend to want to go to Disney World when we are in the area, but the problem is always what to do the the dogs. In the past we had someone baby sit them at my brothers, but he has cats and keeping them separate can be a challenge, we have been training our dogs to leave cats alone, and it works pretty well when we are around.

So this time I decided to try something different. We are Disney Vacation Club members so we use our points to book rooms at Boardwalk Villa’s usually. But this time we are going to take the RV to Fort Wilderness campground. The girls can stay in the coach while we visit the park, we can come back at lunch, spent a few hours with them, relaxing and then go back in the early evening to enjoy the cooler nights, while the dogs stay in the comfortable AC in the RV, their home for the past three years.

The campground cost around $120 a night with taxes, which is less than the cost of staying at the Boardwalk in a studio even with our points, assuming we could book a studio which usually requires you to do it 11 months in advance of your stay. The campground is huge so we rented a golf cart to get around vice using the internal bus system.

The new Star Wars Land, Galaxy’s End opened in August so we got a chance to check it out, an amazing visual experience. Just like some landscape photo’s, the photo’s don’t just justice to the scene that unfolds in front of you. They had early hours that started at 6 AM so we know get there early and enjoy the minimal crowds, how many idiots get up that early???

Inside the new ride, a flight simulator which was outstanding…

We spent some time in the new Toy Story Land which also was new for us…

and you can see how empty it is early in the morning…

Epcot was having the Food and Wine festival during our stay with plenty of food carts..

But we still think the Avatar Ride is still the top dog in rides…

We did the Safari ride in the morning while they were feeding the animals and saw more than usual

Lastly we did a walk through at Disney Springs and got a nice Italian dinner one night…

Overall, we do feel like kids and have always loved going to Disney, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, even more so now that we have an annual pass…feel free to ask questions if you planning a trip we will gladly give you tips on how we think you should cover the parks. We averaged walking 8 miles a day and over 15,000 steps over the 4 days we spent there.

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