WTF? No update in 4 months because….

WTF? No update in 4 months because….

Do we really need to explain why we have not posted? Been pretty busy with Nora Ann…

So we have been here in Virginia since late February and celebrated the birth of our first grand baby, Nora Ann. Since then, we have been helping out our daughter and son in law with watching the little one as they went back to work and Erin was searching for long term childcare. Finding childcare has turned out to be a lot harder than we thought. Erin asked if we could hang around longer than we had originally planned while she worked through finding childcare for Nora. Obviously we said sure, that is why we are retired and we both would welcome all the time we get to spend with her. As you see, it is hard work but someone has to do it.

Erin did ask for me to do a few projects for them, one was to put up a fence on the side and back of the house. I had to first cut up, break up both the existing sidewalk, slanted steps and back parking area and remove the concrete first.

Once we cleared out the old stuff it was time to call in reinforcements to help build the fence. Both Cathy’s brother Mark and our son Jonathan showed up to help me get the fence put up and a new porch and steps built.

We did take a side trip up to New England over the 4th of July weekend to visit with Cathy’s family, celebrate the 4th with a huge bonfire and fireworks and get some fresh seafood.

So Erin was being interviewed by a Nanny who was deciding on which client to take on. It is more about you getting selected vice you picking among several folks wishing to watch your kid, times certainly have changed. Erin got the news several day later that the Nanny picked her from the four families she interviewed. It looks like a great fit for everyone and she will start in early September. Who could not pick this wonderful child…

I did finish putting in both a side walk and then a fire pit area to finish up the backyard project so I have been busy working in between having a blast with the wee one…

So in short answer to why no posts, been pretty busy watching Nora Ann and working on projects that I enjoy doing. We currently plan to stay in VA until mid October before we plan to head south to Florida. I will have a future post on our plans for 2022, and some other projects I have on the schedule. We have had an absolutely wonderful time with Nora Ann and getting her yard ready for her. Stay tuned and I promise to be better at blog updates.

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