Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Since we were only a 45 minute ride from Yellowstone National Park, we took Tina with us to show her Yellowstone while she was visiting. Even though the weather forecast was for cloudy skies and rain, we decided to make the trip and it turned out to be fantastic.

We first headed to old faithful and the main lodge area, we got a wonderful breakfast in the lodge and as we were finishing, old faithful was about to go, as it goes off about every 94 minutes so the crowds really built up as were were eating breakfast.

A pretty amazing clock was on the huge stone fireplace….

Old faithful just getting started….

after old faithful, we headed up the road to see the prismatic springs area…


next up up was a trip to the north to see Yellow Canyon and falls, it was a short hike to artist’s point to take in the splendor.  The colors were more pronounced than the photo’s show, due to the clouds and sun reflecting off the clouds washing things out.  Along the way, we say numerous Bison…

The view of Yellowstone River from Artists Point

after that is was time to head back to the Grand Tetons.

We got really lucky to get a chance to see Yellowstone while Tina was with us. The next day, we got news that Cathy’s Dad’s health was fading and we needed to rethink our plans.  After dropping off Tina to fly back to NH and checking on Ed’s condition, I started looking for flights to get Cathy back to New England.  Flights from Jackson were expensive with little space so the next town near our travels was Billings, Montana, about 6 hours away.  I made reservations for Cathy and extended a stay we were planning an hour south of Billings.  The net result is we cancelled our Yellowstone reservations for this trip and will have to plan a return trip in 2020.  We packed up and headed to Billing’s by traveling through part of Yellowstone we didn’t see….

Cathy got on a flight to NH to be with family, her Dad did pass away as she was about to land at the airport in Boston.  Our close friends from Virginia we’re picking her up and in the end she will be celebrating her Dad’s life with her family.  He was a great father in law and I will miss him.  I am settled into Montana, working on the RV and taking care of the girls.  First up is a little grooming….the before picture….

and the results….( since Laura at Chapter Three Travels had puppies in her last post, I figured I would try to follow her lead…)

Next post will be about my stay in Montana and the repairs I am doing while Cathy is in NH.  Look at that two posts in two days…..

3 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park

  1. I really enjoyed our day trip to Yellowstone, it was so amazing!

    The girls look great and probably appreciate it to be cooler with shorter fur.

    Cathy is busy finding projects to do at my house, which is limitless! LOL!

    Have a relaxing 2 weeks! Love, Tina

  2. Jon,
    You responded to my FB post asking about possible issues with a 40AP. After reading some of your blog here it seems like you are not having any issues finding camp spots inside National Parks with your 37AP. Lots of people write about not being able to camp with a rig over 30’ but I’ve just about debunked that one. How easy or hard has it been to camp inside the national parks? Would you attribute any ease to the fact that you are under 40’? The 40AP measures at 40’11”. Would you consider this to be an issue for us? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. I chose to post this here instead of distracting from the original question I posted on FB.

    1. Doug, it does look like 40′ is a divider for some spots in national Parks, we have not had too many issues at 38′, but once you get over 40′, the number of spots drops quite alot to my knowledge. That being said we are considering going full time much longer than our original plan of three years and are thinking about moving up to a 45 footer, knowing that our park choices will be more limited. Staying inside National Parks will cut down on time to get into the park and see things, some of the local RV parks that fit larger units can he 30-60 minutes from the main attractions while being inside the park has this perk. On the downside, cell and wifi connectivity inside national Parks are limited so sometimes we needed to drive outside the park to get connected. Sorry, no simple answer to what is best, it depends on these type of factors and how important they are. We love having the size to not be too stressed out about d=fitting or maneuvering into a site, but if we plan to do this for another 10+ years, we want a little more space. Best thing is you picked Tiffin, you have a great choice within the family. Let me know if I can help answer any other questions or give you advice, just trying to give back to those who helped me.

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